I’ve always had a passion for music, I like house music, but also enjoy pop and soul.

I started in the deejaying world a year ago. I’m 52, and I come from Sept-Îles in Quebec’s Côte-Nord region. A little late to start, perhaps, but it became my new passion. A year ago, between jobs, I discovert the Virtual DJ application, learned by myself.

Above all, I’m a guy who loves to go dancing where the beats inspire me. I’m openly gay and involved in the Montreal community (I was director of Gai Écoute, president of Gris Montreal, Board of the Member of Montreal Gay Games 2002, and volonter for BBCM Montreal where I had the chance to meet all trhe best DJ’s in the world).

Montreal’s gay community is a primal force when it comes to events and house music. I don’t feel I’m ready to become a live DJ yet.

I but didn’t think I could do anything near this level. I started out doing mixes, but my ear told me I was bound for bigger things.

For me, the social and networking aspects are very important. I have a large on-line network, and I’m confident people will share their thoughts – so many have very good, positive minds. We need to bring it together to make it big.

I truly believe we’ll make a difference, and change the world.

Get the word out and tell your friends we need to be creative. Share free music, it’s the only way we can all contribute easily:

Share the music, tell everybody where it comes from, where they can find it. Let your creative juices flow. Help others make music and share it right here! Together we’ll find a way to build a new model for the world.